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Realise business result with high quality e-HRM products by PiCompany.

Make sure that you hire the right people for your company
Selection is a skill of its own. The wrong decision costs time, energy and money. The right decision ensures that people feel challenged and give their absolute best. PiCompany supports you with an effective selection process.
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Managing behaviour, performance and development
Behaviour is essential for achieving results in your organisation; the type of behaviour that fits in with the expectations of the management team, clients, colleagues and your employees. PiCompany’s Competence and Performance Management ensures that the behaviour of your individual employees provides the highest revenue with regard to the performance of your organisation.
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Optimise talent for continuous deployability
Benefiting optimally– at all times - from knowledge, skills and competences that fit in with the current and future demands of a changing world. PiCompany’s Talent Management can assist you in focusing on the ambitions on both the organisational and the individual level.
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Competent leadership
The ability of employees to achieve results through and with other individuals: that is the type of leadership that reinforces the foundation of your organisation. By linking leadership development to your organisation’s development, PiCompany assists you in developing the leaders that your organisation needs.
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Specific information for better HR decisions
Development programmes, recruitment and selection, change processes; all costly decisions with regard to human capital with the aim of improving the performance of your organisation. Yet how can you be sure that these are the right decisions? PiCompany’s HR Analytics offers specific and solid information for a more effective HRM policy.
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Focus on talent and development potential in relation to personnel flow issues
How do you make the right choices, based on your strategy, in relation to personnel flow issues, reorganization and sustainable employability? How do you ensure that programs for the development of talent, leadership and management deliver optimal results? Read more
Talent Map
PiCompany connects the ambitions of an organisation to the performance of its employees. By implementing high-quality e-HRM solutions in performance management, leadership, competency development and (pre)selection, PiCompany achieves transparent and immediate business results. Combining a people-oriented approach with measurability, this forms the core of our concepts. Read more about the PiCompany.

Subsidiary of GITP
PiCompany is part of GITP, a human resource development (HRD) consultancy firm. Together, GITP and PiCompany offer the Dutch HRD market a complete range of High-touch and High-tech solutions.
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